Firefighters Helping the American Cancer Society

firehose-182202_960_720The Birmingham Fire & Rescue members are heating things up, and that’s not just about the fires they put out. And in the process, they are working to benefit the American Cancer Society. In a special charity calendar that they’ve just created, they have posed in order to help raise money. As Nikki Seaborn, communications manager with the Birmingham chapter of the American Cancer Society, said “Not only are these guys handsome, but more importantly, they are community heroes with generous hearts who believe in and support the vision of the American Cancer Society and our Hope Lodge.”

And the firefighters didn’t only take their time to pose. They are serving dinner at the Joe Lee Griffin Hope Lodge Tuesday night to focus on the lodge’s great work and on the new calendar. The lodge is an amazing location that provides free, overnight accommodations for cancer patients and their families who need to travel for treatment.


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