Children’s Heart Foundation

The mandate of The Children’s Heart Foundation is to fund research for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of congenital heart defects. Through its dedicated efforts the CHF strives to bring health, hope and happiness to children who are affected by the leading birth defect today in the United States, congenital heart defects.

The Children’s Heart Foundation is able to provide parents with the most up to date information about their children’s particular congenital heart disease, surgical procedures and treatments via online publications and newsletters. They support about two million adults and children in the United States, and an additional 65 million adults and children globally who have congenital heart disease. The number of children born with CHD each year amounts to over 1 million, with close to 40,000 just in the United States. As the leading cause of death in infancy in the U.S. and around the world, including the leading cause of death from birth defects, the work that CHF does is crucial.

The Children’s Heart Fund began in June, 1996, a year and a half after the death, at the age of 8 of the founders’ son, Sam, when his heart suddenly collapsed.

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