American Cancer Society: Leadership

The American Cancer Society has given funds to the research projects of 44 Nobel Prize winners, including James D. Watson, Oliver Smithies, Paul Berg, and Walter Gilbert.  In 1999 the ACS held elections for new officers of their National Board of Directors. Gerald L. Woolam, MD of Lubbock, Texas was elected to be the president of the board. He is the director of surgical oncology at the Joe Arrington Cancer Research and Treatment Center and a clinical professor of surgery at the Texas Tech University School of Medicine.

The Chairman of the Board was given to John R. Kelly, PhD, director of the Navy Family Service Center at Gulfport, Mississippi. For the past 21 years Dr. Kelly was a volunteer for the American Cancer Society, serving on the levels of unit, division and national. When he was elected he was the national chairman of the Research Committee of the American Cancer Society.

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