Feeding America: Leadership

Certainly, there are many important people who help to make sure that Feeding America runs smoothly and meets its goals.  Two of these people are the president and CEO, Vicki B. Escarra and the COO William “Bill” McGowan.

Vicki B. Escarra was appointed as president and CEO in 2006 and has led the company in their major expansion.  She has helped them to expand the number of people serves annually from 25 million to 37 million.  She helped them to re-brand themselves by changing their name from America’s Second Harvest to Feeding America.  With this change, public interest has grown to an all-time high.  She has also helped them to bring in more food and grocery products than ever before, and streamline the distribution to the network’s 200 member food banks.

COO William “Bill” McGowan started as the COO of the company in July of 2007.  Prior to his work with Feeding America, he worked as the President and COO of Flying Food Group, a private fresh food manufacturer.  He headed the senior leadership team there, which oversaw the company’s $245 million operations and 2800 employees.

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