Papa John’s Donates Helmets to Needy Kids

pizza-627835_960_720Papa John’s International Inc. is showing its commitment to its customers and to its communities. In the communities where they operate, they will donate 500 custom-designed bike helmets to lower economic youths who participate in the Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective program (SLCBC). This is in addition to the company’s sponsorship of the Tour of Utah, which is a week-long professional cycling race.

As the Founder, Chairman and CEO “Papa John” Schnatter said,

“Papa John’s is excited to partner with the Tour of Utah and Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective. Our love for pizza, cycling and our local community go hand-in-hand. This is a unique opportunity to help support the local economy and bring people together to enjoy the sport of cycling and the great outdoors. As an avid cyclist, I’m encouraged by the good work that the Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective (SLCBC) is doing to encourage kids to stay active, while also teaching important life skills and rewarding hard work. At Papa John’s, we are proud to help ensure more kids are able to benefit from the SLCBC program.”

The helmets have a pizza-theme on them and they will be donated to members of the SLCBC.

As the Executive Director of the SLCBC, Davey Davis, said

“We at the SLCBC are very grateful to receive these helmets from the team at Papa John’s. Every kid should get the opportunity to ride a bike, and this donation supports us in helping more kids to ride safely and have fun while doing it.”

American Century Golf Tournament

golf-1486354_960_720Whether you love golf or just love the idea of being surrounded by celebrities, the American Century Golf Tournament at Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course started yesterday on Tuesday, July 19th and will continue until Sunday the 24th. As one of the most prestigious golf events, the American Century raises money for local and national charities. Tickets start at $20 a day and allow spectators to roam around the perimeter of the course and to enjoy food vendors and a great atmosphere.

Appearances are supposed to include comedian Larry the Cable Guy, ex-49er Jerry Rice, Green Bay Packer Aaron Rodgers and Justin Timberlake. The event will take place at the Edgewood Tahoe Gold Course at 100 Lake Parkway.


Would You Rather Vote or Give Money? You’d Be Surprised by the Answers

This is certainly a fascinating find. American are more interested in giving charity than they are in voting. During the last presidential election, 53.6% of American voted according to the Pew Research Center. During the same year, 59.7% gave to a charity of their choice, according to the Philanthropy Panel Study.

Last year saw Americans giving more than they ever have before, with a total donation of $373.25 billion. Voting rates have remained tightly within a 9% point range since the 1980s, however.

The US is actually quite low when compared to its peers in voter turnout. We came in at 31st out of 34 countries. Interestingly however, we outpace most countries when it comes to giving. In the private giving category, American give twice as much as do those in England and Canada. And America is as much as 20 times more charitable than are residents of other developed countries, according to numbers from the Philanthropy Roundtable.

Learn more details and see what makes American give.

“American Sniper” Inspired Guitar to be Auctioned Off

Nashville country-rocker Tim Montana has partnered, for a second year, with Gibson Brands to raise money for the Chris Kyle Memorial Benefit and Auction. He is contributing a one-of-a-kind guitar that is inspired by the military service of Chris Kyle, the “American Sniper.” The guitar was handmade in the Gibson custom shop and has a shell casing from a round that Kyle fired during a firefight in Iraq. There is also a portrait on Chris on the guitar.

Last year, Montana and Gibson raise a whopping $121,000 with their first “American Sniper” – inspired guitar. The proceeds this year will benefit Spirit of a Hero, a nonprofit that is focused on veterans and vetted by the Kyle family.

The guitar will go up for auction at 3pm on Thursday at The annual Chris Kyle Benefit will then take place on Friday and Saturday in Texas.

As Henry Juszkiewicz, chairman and CEO of Gibson Brands, said “It is a pleasure to collaborate with Tim Montana again to support the men and women who have so admirably served our country. It is a truly special one-of-a-kind guitar that pays tribute to Chris Kyle while also supporting the amazing work of the Chris Kyle Memorial Benefit.”

Beyonce World Tour Helps Those in Detroit

Beyonce is about to start a new world tour and is combining her efforts with her #BeyGOOD Charitable Foundation. #BeyGOOD is joining forces with the United Way to offer aid to people who have been adversely affected by the Flint Water Crisis. The funds that are raised will address the immediate needs of thousands of people who have been affected by lead-polluted water.

Beyonce’s initiative will also connect with the Community Foundation of Greater Flint and together they will establish a fund to address the long-term needs of children who were affected by this crisis as well.

People who love Beyonce can join the #BeyGOOD initiative by supporting their local United Way Charity.

And, if you’re lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Beyonce, she’ll be coming through Detroit with her World Tour on May 29.


ALEX and ANI Introduce New Bracelet for Charity

bangleA new bangle by ALEX AND ANI is being rolled out benefiting the American Stroke Association. It will be available on April 20th. The new bangle will be called Wings of Change and every bracelet will donate 20% of the purchase price with a minimum donation of $25,000 to the American Stroke Association between April and December, 2016.

As Mary Ann Bauman, M.D. and chair of the American Stroke Association Advisory Committee said, “One in six of us will have a stroke in our lifetime. This generous gift will help us educate our communities and equip our healthcare professionals so fewer lives are negatively impacted by this disease.”

ALEX AND ANI is known for its amazing corporate responsibility as much as it is for its jewelry. This new charm bangle is the company’s first that directly supports the American Stroke Association. To date, however, ALEX AND ANI have raised almost $3 million for the American Heart Association since 2012.

As Nicki Maher, the senior vice president of ALEX AND ANI, CHARITY BY DESIGN said, “Having witnessed the effects of stroke first hand, we are honored to support the much needed awareness surrounding the doctors, patients, and family members who rely on funding to create life-saving changes in stroke and heart health. Through the Wings of Change bangle, ALEX AND ANI hopes to remind supporters of the resiliency that can be found in life’s beautiful transformations.”

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