WebThriftStore & Red Cross Create Partnership

WebThriftStore & Red Cross Create Partnership


webthrifstoreIn recent news, WebThriftStore just announced a partnership with American Red Cross. WebThriftStore is a leading online fundraising platform and the partnership will now allow the Red Cross to raise money through a customized, free online thrift store. Supporters will donate all sorts of items and then the items will be listed into the general marketplace and sold with the proceeds going to the Red Cross.

As Jennifer Elwood, the Vice President of Consumer Marketing at the Red Cross, said “We are not typically able to accept small quantities of individual donations for emergency relief purposes. Partnering with WebThriftStore will now enable donors to sell their items while supporting the Red Cross and allow us to use the proceeds to provide relief to those who need it most.”

As Doug Krugman, the WebThriftStore founder and CEO said, “We are thrilled to support the Red Cross in raising money to assist their life-saving mission. This relationship is a milestone for our organization that reinforces our mission of helping others do good by getting rid of excess stuff in order to assist others.”

Fishing for Gifts

In Sioux City, one local fisherman is doing amazing things for those around him. Just this year he has managed to donate $300,000 to charities from his profits. James Haworth, the owner of the Tackle Industries, has given money to children’s causes and veterans outreach programs.

He originally started the company to add to their material possessions and to make money. But, when his daughter, Julia, who is now 8, was born with craniosynostosis, a birth defect in which a baby’s skull fuses before the brain is fully formed, he started to see things differently.

Seeing how many children were suffering, he decided that they needed to start to help others. So, in 2005 he started producing handmade fishing lures in his garage. And Tackle Industries was born.

He has given money to Gillette, the Ronald McDonald House, Take a Vet Fishing and Operation Muskie. Now, his mail-order company has 1200 products, where it started with 50.

“The more we give away now, it seems the more we get,” he said.

Chideo Makes Inroads with a Clever Platform

Chideo Makes Inroads with a Clever Platform


Chideo (charity+video) is about to upload its mobile footprint with its Android app launch. Founded in 2013 by billionaire entrepreneur and philanthropist Todd Wagner, the company takes a 20% cut of proceeds. Overall, however, he says that “this company is about helping charities.”

The platform has about 100 celebrities with over 70 charities. These charities include American Heart Association, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Feeding America, Heifer International, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Starlight Children’s Foundation, the Trevor Project, and more. They are also a disaster relief partner with the Red Cross.

The way the platform works is that users can watch exclusive videos of their favorite celebrities in exchange for donations to their causes. Users can suggest future content and can also vote on other users’ suggestions for content.

As Wagner said, “We want to entertain you into giving, not guilt you into it. The key is to intertwine entertainment with the fact that its solely to help charities raise money. Folks can do good, just by watching the content.”

As Flo Rida said in a statement to VatorNews, “Chideo is exactly what my fans and I have been looking for. It gives us a place to connect, to share ideas and to get a window into what it means to live my dream. And the best part is that together, we have a chance to make the world a better place for lots of deserving kids.”

Magic Johnson Honored with First Staubach Award

Magic Johnson Honored with First Staubach Award

Emmitt Smith, Pat Smith, Roger and Marianne Staubach, Cookie and Magic Johnson
Emmitt Smith, Pat Smith, Roger and Marianne Staubach, Cookie and Magic Johnson
On May 9th, Earvin “Magic” Johnson and his wife, Cookie, received the first-ever Roger Staubach Award in the packed room at the Omni Dallas Hotel. They were part of the Emmitt Smith Celebrity Invitational presented by SoftLayer, which managed, by the end of the weekend, to raise $1 million for the Pat & Emmitt Smith Charities.

These charities funds unique educational opportunities and enrichment programs for underserved children. The Staubach Award, named for the Dallas Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach, was established “to recognize individuals who have brought together the world of sports/entertainment and business to make an extraordinary impact on the lives of children and youth.” It will be given out to recipients who exemplify personal, professional and philanthropic excellence.

While accepting the sterling trophy created to Tiffany & Co., Magic Johnson said that, as he neared the end of his NBA career, he looked for a sports figure to emulate. As he said, “I decided that’s who I want to be like – Roger Staubach. I’ve been chasing this man for years like a big defensive lineman.”

As Pat Smith said, “I can’t think of a better way to kick off our fifth year than with a new award named after our good friend and hero, Roger Staubach. And it’s such a thrill to give the first award to Cookie and Magic, an incredible power couple who have set the bar very high and been a true inspiration to Emmitt and me.”

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