Taya Kyle Starts Charitable Foundation

Taya Kyle was the wife, and now widow, of Chris Kyle. He was the Navy SEAL known for the memoir “American Sniper.” Now, she is on a book tour, “American Wife,” and is working with her new foundation, the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation.

Her goal with the foundation is to provide breaks for military couples, veterans and first-responders such as the police and the fire fighters.

In her book, Kyle talks about her own marriage and how it almost fell apart a number of times. As Kyle told the U-T Talks audience,

“Nobody wants to tell their spouse: ‘You have the most fulfilling, purposeful existence in a job that you’ve dreamed of — and I’m out. It does feel unpatriotic.”

The Kyle foundation has joined with several others with links to the Navy SEAL community.

Kyle described the foundation as: “I know for a fact, when you give them a weekend away, even in their own hometown, where they can stay in their sweatpants or whatever, and they can do whatever they want with no stress, no bills, and not at home where there are things to do … that gives them a longevity that you can’t get any other way.”

Last month, around Chris Kyle’s birthday, the foundation gave $55,000 to many charities that work on behalf of veterans and the New York Fire Department.


Chideo Is Taking Off

If you haven’t heard about Chideo yet – you will. Chideo – the combination of the words charity and video – has enlisted more than 100 VIP participants so far. This includes people from YouTube, sports figures, Academy Award winners and others. Patricia Arquette even gave Chideo a shout-out at the Oscars.

So, what is Chideo? It’s part of Todd Wagner’s plan to build a charity network. As he said,

“If you can have a Military Channel and a History Channel, I don’t see any reason there can’t be a ‘Cause Network.'”

He also explained, “More than anything, (Chideo) is me saying, ‘I’m just going to build this thing. I’m going to build what I believe will help these organizations and they just need to plug into it.'”

At the moment, online donations are only a tiny fraction of the money that is raised by charitable causes. Wagner contends that online giving only amounts to 8% of total charitable contributions.

As Wagner said about the endeavor, “We haven’t even started. We’re still in preseason as to where I think this can go.”

Most of Chideo’s video content is free to the public. 80% of the revenue will go to the charity and donations above the asking price will go completely to the charity..

The cost of hosting a charity event can actually reduce what the charity gets by as much as 40%. By teaming with Chideo, the charity gets more money and a greater reach than if they are just in a single ballroom, as Harry Freedman of the Stategic Fundraising Initiatives in Philadelphia explains.



Great Turn Out for MJ&M Event

It’s nice to see stars putting their hearts where their money is. Mack, Jack & McConaughey (MJ&M) is a joint fundraising effort of Academy Award winning actor Matthew McConaughey, ACM Award-winning recording artist Jack Ingram and ESPN analyst and coaching legend Mack Brown. Together, they have created a two day fun-filled event that includes music, golf and fashion.

The event recently took place on April 16-17 in Austin with a charity gala at Moody Theater. The event included a silent auction and music from a number of musicians, including Toby Keith.

Proceeds from the events go to such organizations as CureDuchenne, HeartGift, just keep giving foundation and others.

Second Annual SingStrong International Charity Event

The Second Annual SingStrong International Charity will take place in Skokie, IL from April 10 through 12. The five concerts and more than a dozen classes will all include nothing but human voices. And many professional a cappella groups from the around the world will be there along with the collegiate and high school groups. The festival will include headline performances from:

  • Ball in the House
  • Blue Jupiter
  • Cartoon Johnny
  • Ensamble Fenix
  • Level
  • New Tradition Chorus
  • Resound
  • Stiletta
  • Traces
  • Voco Novo
  • The Single Singers under the direction of Judy Fontana

All event profits will support charities. There will be a silent auction that will benefit the fight against Alzheimer’s and ticket profits will support local school programs.


Captain American Comes to Seattle Children’s

captain-555410_640If only all Hollywood stars would use their star power for good like Chris Evans and Chris Pratt recently did. The pair recently came to Seattle Children’s Hospital – and Evans was dressed in his full Captain America outfit. Sine Evans is a Patriots fan and Pratt loves the Seahawks, they made a bet to see who would win at the Superbowl. And the loser had to put on his Guardians of the Galaxy outfit to see the kids at Evans’ favorite charity in Boston. then, Evans decided to be a good sport and to visit Pratt’s favorite charity in return.

Together they have helped Seattle Children’s and Christopher’s Haven in Boston to raise more than $27,000 since the year started. As Lisa Brandenburg, the president of Seattle Children’s said:

We are grateful that real-life superheroes Chris Pratt and Chris Evans turned their sports rivalry into an opportunity to support kids in their communities. We are delighted that patients and families at both Seattle Children’s and Christopher’s Haven will benefit from these generous donations.

Let’s hope more actors can show this type of amazing charity. See more details of their amazing visit here.

One Man’s Crazy Quest to Raise Money for Charity:Water

mobile-605422_640You never know where charitable giving comes from – and this is certainly a strange outlet. Jesse Carey, an American podcaster, decided to listen to an entire week of Nickelback music to raise money. His goal was to raise $10,000 for the charity Charity: Water during his one week of music-intensity. As he explained at the end of the week, “’I don’t think I could have gone one more minute.”

He continued, “I just totally collapsed. It was total exhaustion. I went and had the IVs hooked up to get quickly rehydrated, all the vitals were low. I don’t think I could have gone one more minute.”

He ended up listening to 168 hours worth of music and publicized much of his pain through Twitter. The good news is that he has already raised a shocking $30,000 for doing so. Funds are still being accepted until the end of March.

Well, that’s one way to raise money for a cause. As long as you don’t lose your mind first.

Poking Fun for a Good Cause

american-football-220047_640Poking fun at controversy is often good for business, as a Pennsylvania candy maker has just discovered. Making fun of the Patriots’ “Deflategate” scandal, Sarris Candies of Canonsburg just auctioned off a deflated chocolate football.

As Sarris said on Friday, “What started out as an internal little joke ended up picking up momentum and excitement. It’s going to a good cause, so that’s the best thing.” He originally posted the football on Facebook as a joke and didn’t intend to sell it.

He named the ball the Bradie ball (in reference to Tom Brady but with a different spelling so as not to get into trouble). The Facebook caption read, “Net weight 13 lbs … Oops! We meant 11.2 lbs.”

Richard Bazzy spent $5,000 on the package which included the deflated chocolate, two regular shaped chocolate footballs and two chocolate helmets. In total, $20,000 was given to the Dollar Enery Fund which provides utility help for poor residents. As Bazzy said, “It doesn’t get any better when you can poke fun at an AFC rival while knowing that you are also helping families in need. We expect to display the football in one of our dealerships with pride.”

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